color for spring

The Color for Spring

color for spring

Today I woke up and was excited to see the sun shining outside of my window but I was a bit disappointed when I walked onto my porch and felt the familiar crisp air grabbing at my skin. Since spring is not too far off, I feel like its appropriate to start thinking about the cute clothes that comes with this vibrant season! Being that my skin tone is more suited with colors that are prevalent in autumn, I miss out on wearing all the pretty pastels in March and April. However, I found one spring color that compliments me- coral! From what I’ve read, it will be this season’s ‘it’ color.

The ‘It’ Color of the Season

I like to start my seasonal shopping early when stores are pushing sales and promotions to get things moving on the sales floor. For your convenience, I’m linking a few of my favorite coral pieces featured above! Some of them are on sale too!

  • Crew Neck Dress (Nordstrom Rack)- here
  • Drape Sleeve (J. Crew)- here
  • Nars Lipstick in Honolulu Honey (Sephora)- here
  • Stud Crossbody Bag (Nordstrom)- here
  • Garden Flat (Modcloth)- here
  • Peach Coral Stud Earrings (Etsy)- here
  • Pencil Skirt (J. Crew)- here

Leave a comment with your favorite coral piece below!

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16 thoughts on “The Color for Spring”

  1. I love these coral pieces! I wish I could wear them, but they wash me out. Both our daughters would look gorgeous in it though. To me coral just shouts spring! Great post!


  2. What a pretty post, Liz! While coral isn’t really my color, I know I could totes rock it as a *pop of color* accessory to my (almost) all black wardrobe! I’m really diggin’ on the cute coral Garden Flat by Modcloth. Bundle up, Beautiful! XOXOX


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