Self-Tanners for Every Price Range

Self-tanning products

Happy Monday friends! I hope you were in a part of the country that was warm and spring-like this weekend! Kansas City was lovely and everyone was out and about enjoying the weather including me. I broke out those flip flops faster than anyone else! I avoided shorts for the simple reason that my legs are pasty white from the lack of sunshine on them the last few months. In an effort to prepare for the coming spring weather, I’m starting a self-tanner regiment early and you should too!

Am I starting before I need to? Yes, but I have my reasons! You can’t put self-tanner on freshly shaved legs. Wearing anything but pants typically requires shaved legs for women. Start putting on that tanner while you don’t have to shave your legs! No irritated skin and you’ll have that bronzed glow you want when everyone else is just starting.

Best Bronzers to Choose From

With so many options in self-tanners to choose from, you can really only narrow it down by price, which is what I’ve done for this post. My first choice is one I used last summer, Banana Boat’s Summer Color. You can find it at Wal-Mart or Target for around $5. It works well if you use it consistently and don’t skimp on the amount you put on. No streaking was visible and it looked natural!

The next pick, Fake Bake, will cost around $20 and everyone seems to love it. Being more of a mid-range product, do your research on it. Based on reviews, people get great results. I haven’t personally used it, however the ratings were what made me put it on this list.

My final pick, St. Tropez Bronzing Oil, is recommended by everyone at Sephora. It costs about $50 but apparently works like a dream! It’s more of an investment obviously, so talk to a doctor or dermatologist about it before buying; buyer’s remorse is the worst!

If you’ve tried any of these products, leave a comment!

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