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The Zoo Can Be Stylish Too

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Happy Tuesday lovelies! It’s been a busy few days for me as I get settled in my new home here in Kansas City. I love this town and the people in it. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming to outsiders. Coming from an East Coast town, this was a culture shock! In an effort to appreciate more of what Kansas City has to offer, my mom, sister, and I took a day trip to the zoo. It was such an enjoyable day filled with giggles and smiles! And can I just say that my zoo outfit, although a little dressy, is super cute?

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styling statement necklaces

I’ll admit, I looked a little out of place amongst moms with strollers and short little kids under age 10; whatever I had fun! Animals have always been my weakness (along with a latte) and my zoo trip was no exception to this. Every fur-covered creature I decided I needed to adopt. Unfortunately, endangered species are not adoptable.

sand cat zoo

If you’re looking for a fuzzy kitty to fall in love with, I found just the one! They’re called Sand Cats and they are the cutest little things! They chased each other around and interacted with all the people staring at them saying “aw” or “meow.” I figured out very quickly that most cats don’t respond to “meow” (let’s just say the tigers weren’t impressed with my house cat impression of them.) Enjoy the Sand Cat picture!

Outfit Details: Blazer- Banana Republic | Ankle Jeans- Lauren Conrad | Necklace- Chico’s | Purse- Coach | Loafers- Clark’s Bostonian

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