Surprise sale kate spade

Kate Spade Surprise Sale Picks!

Surprise sale kate spade

Good morning beauties! I love having something happy to wake up to in the morning and if it isn’t coffee, then it has to be a sale! On my Facebook feed earlier, I saw a link to a surprise Kate Spade sale with 75% off everything. I was giddy with excitement! Since many young, 20-somethings have to be budget conscious, these are the sales we live for. Go check out the sale and leave a comment with your favorite items!

The first thing that caught my eye was that adorable hot air balloon tote bag! I really love that they have so many little accessories that feature the cute little balloons. It’s whimsical but still mature enough for the young professional. The coin purse and earrings that match are darling too!

Can we also talk about that fabulous pink coat with the matching luggage? I saw the coat last year when it first came out and it was over $700! I tried it on just for kicks and just fell in love with how cute it was. The sales associate was probably laughing inside knowing I couldn’t afford it. It’s on sale for $250 now and is tempting me. Fortunately my bank account always reminds me of what I’m allowed to be tempted by.

A more practical thing to buy among my favorites featured above is that beautiful taupe bag! Every girl should have a quality neutral colored purse like that. It goes with everything and works all year round. Is it nice to have expensive seasonal bags? Sure is, but sometimes it just doesn’t match the budget we have. This purse will last for years and create great outfits time and again!

Hopefully you get to splurge on a little something from the sale! Most of their jewelry is $20 like the earrings and bracelet above. See my previous post on budget friendly splurge items at Nordstrom!

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5 thoughts on “Kate Spade Surprise Sale Picks!”

  1. I’m from Manchester, England and struggle to buy Kate Spade items here. Am a huge fan and am travelling to NYC this October to get married. Think I’m equally excited about buying my first Kate Spade bag over there though hahaha x


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