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High End Home Decorating

Thank goodness it’s almost Friday! I’ve spent the last few days applying for jobs non-stop, running errands, and doing generally unpleasant things. It’s life, I get that it won’t always be full of fun. That’s a lesson my mom taught me; life isn’t all fun and don’t rely on other people to make it better. Anyway, weekends are meant for relaxing and enjoying life, something I plan on doing when Friday night rolls around. I did treat myself yesterday by going to a high end furniture store called Nell Hill’sΒ (I could only afford to look)Β in Kansas City. Here are a few things I found!

Pretty Things for a Pretty Penny

nell hills kansas city

Can this armoire get any more fabulous? I walked by it and did a double take. How can one piece of furniture sum up my interior design tastes? Because it was so big and beautiful, I didn’t bother to look at the price.

kansas city furniture stores

Several pretty things I saw for a living room were all very distinct in terms of style and texture. The ottoman is velvet-y and the chairs were made of a regular cotton. The styles are very distinct but somehow work well together.

houndstooth chair

Can I just say that this “study” reminds me of something that was in the Parent Trap at the British twin’s home? It’s so smart and English looking. This embodies everything “#housegoals” means to me.

plaid bedding

Oh hello gorgeous tartan plaid and velvet monogrammed pillows! I love tartans and monograms because of how reminiscent they are of the New England prep style. This bedroom set is very masculine but has so many great feminine touches in the details.

briar cliff shopping

This desk is perfect to add to the study I mentioned above. The best part about a desk is all the little things you can put on top to personalize it. Picture frames and flowers are among my favorites.

neutral bedding

Ahhh neutral bedding! Probably one of my favorite color schemes is oatmeal, cream, crisp white, soft grays, and a hint of yellow. Before anyone says I’m boring, I’d like to point out how well all of these colors can go with little accents you might like to add to the room as well as seasonal touches throughout the year.

table accessories

Last but not least is this beautiful marble table with the cute potted topiaries on top! I think marble is such a classic element to use that no matter what decade it is, it won’t go out of style unlike trending concrete or granite.

Leave a comment with your favorite piece of furniture you see here!

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17 thoughts on “High End Home Decorating”

  1. Nell Hill’s and Mary Carol Garrity are amazing. I have visited her former home three times for a tour, and I have been to the Kansas City store many times. She is almost always at the store and is friendly and gracious. I have taken numerous photos and blogged about my visits. A visit to Nell Hill’s always inspires, and there are lots of very reasonably priced accessories for your home; I have come home with many!

    If you want to see more, go to Pinterest and check out the Nell Hill’s pins.


    1. She is a really sweet lady! I only looked at the furniture really and it was out of my price range as a young 20-something, but I imagine the accessories are a lot more affordable! A lot of people have told me that if you can just suck it up and pay a higher price for a piece of furniture, it will last you forever. I’m thinking that’s the best way to go!


  2. Liz, I’m sooo glad you came to visit Nell Hill’s and loved what you saw! We work hard to fill our store with beautiful furnishings, timeless classics with a fresh twist: new traditional. Some of our pieces are higher end, as you noted, but believe me, you can also find bargains galore! There is something for every price range. For instance, until Feb. 15, all our upholstered furniture is 20% off, and Feb. 15-March 15 all our wood furniture will be 20% off. We do this sale twice a year – check out our calendar on our website. And, please check out my weekly decorating blog, Style at Home with Mary Carol Garrity, at http://www.nellhills.com. Good luck on your job search, and come back every time you need your heart filled up!!


    1. Hi Mary, thanks for the comment! I love your store and the beautiful things you have. It truly excites me and puts a smile on my face! I’ll have to come in and check out this big sale!! Nothing gets my blood pumping like a sale! πŸ’—


  3. I’m literally in love with the marble table, I don’t even want to imagine what it costs, haha, but you’re tastes are so similar to mine. Also, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Awards (posted on my blog)!


  4. I love the neutral-coloured bedding and plants. Makes for such a relaxing atmosphere!
    I also cannot wait until the weekend, lol. It’s been such a hectic two weeks for me and once Friday afternoon rolls around, I’ll be off this placement for the time-being!
    Happy weekend!


    1. Girl I love it too! My bedroom at home is painted that color and I’m always relaxed there. Yes! Friday’s are good and I’ve been so stressed about blogging and everything. I need a break lol


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