house hunters complaints

5 Annoying Things I Said Apartment Hunting

house hunters complaints

Happy Monday beauties! It was a fast, crazy weekend for me as I got settled in a new apartment in Kansas City, not to mention that it was absolutely freezing out! The temperature was somewhere around 15 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel as though it was -2. I don’t do this “cold weather” thing. I suppose I’ll have to adjust won’t I?

Spoiled Girl Apartment Hunting

Since going through apartments and finally choosing one took a little while, I was trying to find an analogy that would accurately describe how the apartment hunting went. Have you ever watched House Hunters? I’m pretty sure that’s a great comparison to use here. Nothing quite matches exactly what I want so I’m going to complain about stupid little things that I’ll get over eventually. Here are 5 classic House Hunters complaints that I had.

  1. “There’s no granite!”- Can someone just slap me in the face? I’ve heard that remark so many times on the show and it usually comes from an entitled 20-something who has no idea that her cushy lifestyle with mom and dad has come to an end. I don’t want to be that girl.
  2. “I don’t think my shoes could even fit in that closet.”- Yes they can and they will. Seriously, I don’t even have that many pairs of shoes. My closet at my parent’s house is really small and I’ve lived with it for years. All of the closets I saw in apartments were at least twice the size. Like I said, I can deal.
  3. “I was hoping for hardwood floors.”- Oh my goodness, Liz just stop talking. If there were hardwood floors, you’d be complaining about how expensive the rent was for the place. Laminate works just fine.
  4. “This kitchen is so outdated.”- Sometimes this can be a justified statement, other times not so much. Several times when I was browsing online for apartments, I saw the kitchen and was just like “nope!” Like I said, it can be justified if the cabinets haven’t been cleaned up or at least given new hardware since the 90s. However, when your complaint is that the appliances aren’t stainless steel, you need to get over yourself.
  5. “Do I have space to entertain?”- Am I honestly worried about that when I just moved to a new city where I know no one? Pipe down, Liz, pipe down.

The nature of girls like me is to want the best of everything but misunderstand how much it costs. If you want luxury, you pay dearly for it. When you’re just starting out, luxury isn’t something you can afford. Luckily, I found a great apartment for a good price and am now sitting happily in it while writing this post. Does it have those wonderful stainless steel appliances? No, but it does have a beautiful fireplace, a cute built-in bookshelf, and a pretty little vanity in my bathroom. I am one happy girl!

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9 thoughts on “5 Annoying Things I Said Apartment Hunting”

  1. Congrats on the new place! I can’t wait to see the new backgrounds in your pics.
    I think we all have those moments when we first move out. Luckily, life has a away of snapping us back into reality and just being grateful to have a safe and comfortable place to call home.
    Enjoy and good luck in your new city!


  2. Sometimes, we must accept those things that are close enough to build toward our dreams. People can treat their lives like their house hunting, rejecting those that are close enough and seeking out everything all at once. Maybe you should write an entry about favorite fireplace memories.


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