road trip necessities

Road Trip Basics

Road Trip Basics


Good morning loves! I write this as I sit in a hotel room in the middle of Kansas City after a long road trip. My boyfriend had to relocate for a new job and I decided to tag along with him for the trip. We left San Antonio on Sunday and stopped overnight in Dallas. He drove and I just complained about the copious amounts of country music he was playing.

I’ve been on quite a few road trips in my lifetime and there’s a few travel tips that I’ve taken to heart, such as the wonderful things drinking soda instead of water on the trip will do to your body. Hint: it’s the farthest thing from wonderful! I’m going to share with you my simple road trip basics for a better, happier trip.

  1. Comfy sweatshirt- A good, cozy hoodie or sweatshirt is perfect for curling up in your seat while you listen to whatever the person who’s riding shotgun is playing.
  2. Quality earbuds- If you don’t like the music, play your own. Make sure you bring your “good” earbuds so they don’t quit on you in the middle of your trip.
  3. Trivia game- When I was growing up, we used to play little games in the car to pass the time. Sometimes my dad would give us trivia questions and it kept us entertained. Find a set of trivia cards at a truck stop of order some online.
  4. Healthy snack- Your body will thank you later when you don’t feel bloated because of the chips you ate. Trail mix is always my go to snack!
  5. Slip on shoes- How many times do you think you’ll make a rest stop during a road trip? Quite a few times! Wear easy on and off shoes for quick stops.
  6. Facial wipes- When you’re in a car for over 10 hours you just feel gross. If a shower isn’t in your near future, feel cleaner with some facial wipes. You can buy them in travel sizes to fit in your purse.
  7. Dry shampoo- Similar to the facial wipes, if you aren’t taking a shower soon and your hair is greasy, this stuff will be a beauty miracle! I prefer Batiste dry shampoo and you can buy it at TJ Maxx for a good price.
  8. Disposable toothbrush- That gross feeling you get in your mouth if you haven’t brushed your teeth in awhile can be solved with the Colgate Wisp disposable toothbrush. They come in packs of two and have a little bit of toothpaste on the brush.

Leave a comment with your best road trip tips below!

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