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10 Annoying Things at Starbucks

coffee talk

Good morning beauties! I hope you’re enjoying a big cup of coffee like I am right now. Every morning when I get up, coffee is the first thing I go for. It’s my little bit of calm in a world full of craziness. Whether I’m on the run or ready to sit down and sip my coffee, there’s a few things I get annoyed about when I’m at my local Starbucks getting my java fix. Most of them will make you laugh or smile because you can relate if you love the coffee giant like I do.

Annoying Starbucks Things

  1. Indecisive people ordering: You stood in line for 5 minutes. How do you not know what you want yet? You’re holding up the line.
  2. Reloading the Starbucks card: Why can’t I just scan a little barcode and get my points that way? Do I really have to reload the card in order to be credited for my drink? Apparently so.
  3. Basic girl jokes: Yes, I’m white and ordering a pumpkin spice latte. What’s your point?
  4. Large strollers taking up space: I get it. You’re a busy mom on the run. But a stroller bigger than grandpa’s favorite recliner is not meant for small spaces like the ‘Bucks. Go through the drive through or use the convenient order ahead option so the stroller doesn’t have to make an appearance.
  5. The loud group in the corner: Life is so funny that you want to share it with everyone. That’s great except I’m not interested in what your friend Peter said at the last drama rehearsal, so quiet down.
  6. Judgmental questions about the price: “You paid how much for that coffee?” And you paid how much for Guitar God 3000? We all have priorities with our money and mine is good coffee while yours is maybe a computer game. Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.
  7. Coffee snobs: “If you think Starbucks has good coffee, then you clearly haven’t been to any actual coffee shops before.” Yes actually, I have and I still like my Starbucks. Go back to your special dark exotic bean handpicked by children in the deep jungles while I enjoy my latte.
  8. Lemon pound cake crumbles left behind: These wonderful pastries leave an awful mess if the person who devoured it forgot to clean up their table. Mix them with the inevitable coffee ring left behind and you have yourself a table to buss.
  9. Ridiculous “secret menu” order: If it isn’t on the menu, then don’t order it! Telling the barista you want their dark chocolate peanut butter frappucino and expecting them to know how to make it is silly. What’s worse is when you have to go through Pinterest to find the recipe (because we all know that’s how you found it.) Thanks for holding up the line.
  10. Lack of power outlets: Of course I pick the table without a power outlet near by. Sigh. First world problems.

If you have any of your own pet peeves in Starbucks, leave a comment! I’m sure there are plenty to go around.

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25 thoughts on “10 Annoying Things at Starbucks”

  1. On the Starbucks entry, the “slow people on the line” , I believe is a cultural thing. I noticed that as I drove across the country once. Southerners and Western people tend to be way slower and more indecisive than people from larger cities on the East Coast. In our larger cities it’s usually, ‘We have ten seconds to serve you” at the drive up windows. Yet, across the country, in more places, you can drive up to a fast food place and take forever to give your order. It all depends on the city or state etc.


  2. Hi, Liz! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 My SB’s pet peeve? When I order my iced coffee — largest size possible, I might add — with “light heavy cream” and it comes out “light” in color and not “light” on the heavy cream. Not at SB’s for a splash of coffee with my cream. 🙂


  3. When I was a naive 20-something working my 9-forever job in northwest DC, I longed to be one of the moms in the Starbucks in my office building pushing her kids in her jogging stroller. I gave up coffee since then but I have definitely been “that mom” with a large stroller trying to fit into a cramped space, sweating bullets b/c I felt bad trying to maneuver around everyone and their mother talking on their cell phones that couldn’t be bothered to move an inch to the right while I squeezed past. Now that I’ve had a child, I feel only compassion for that mom who’s struggling to bring her child along while she’s trying to get through the day. She can’t leave the them outside in the stroller or in the car — that would be dangerous. Even if there was a drive-thru, she’d have to expose the child to the bitter cold just so she didn’t get in your way? Or, she could hire a 20-something for $15.00/hr to watch said child just so she can buy her $5.25 cup of coffee without getting in someone’s way. Have you tried to stand in line with a crying baby? It’s not fun. All I’m trying to say is I really enjoyed reading your blog, but I want to caution you to have some compassion for others rather than judge them for the choices they make. I would say to reserve judgment until you become a mother yourself, but I’ve learned to stop judging even other moms. I’ve learned you never know the complete picture of someone’s life. We mothers enjoy our pumpkin spice lattes and caramel macchiatos, too!


    1. I totally understand Desiree that you’re a busy mom and that you can’t leave your kids in the car. I’m not trying to judge anyone but there are just spaces that aren’t meant for strollers. I figured me saying that would bother someone and I’m sorry that it was you. To be honest, I’ve never envied anyone who’s a mom because it looks miserable and it’s not something I look forward to.


  4. Everything on this list is so true, though I can’t say that I’ve been a witness to the grampa sized stroller. Love it!


  5. “Go back to your special dark exotic bean handpicked by children in the deep jungles while I enjoy my latte.” This had me dying hahahahaha. Such a funny and true list!


  6. Two words: Mobile ordering. Takes care of everything here. Load your card before, order on your way in, bypass the über long line and walk right to your cup. Happy days. I’m in and out of there in under 30 seconds. The “other” snobs can wonder how I did it as I walk out the door just after I arrived.


  7. Yessss Liz, there is a Starbucks below the library where I do grad school and oh my goodness do I struggle with the people that get to the cashier which is past the pastry case just to order something that are out of, and then have to walk back through the line to look at the case. Why? WHY!? 🙂 It’s usually guys using their dining points trying to get a legitimate college man meal at Starbucks which apparently requires multiple items haha.


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