charming charlie gifts

Charming Charlie Christmas Gifts

charming charlie gifts

Happy hump day! Less than two weeks until Christmas and I still have shopping to do and gifts to wrap! Nothing seems to get done until the last minute during this season. There’s still a few decorations sitting in the hallway that need to go up and a bunch of cookies that need to be baked. Our chocolate lab, Riley, reminded me today that we need to find his “Christmas bandana” for him to wear (it has candy canes on it and he looks adorable.) Like I said, I’m behind on everything!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Yesterday, I browsed through a few stores finding Christmas presents and came upon Charming Charlie. I’ve always enjoyed going in and looking around for good deals on jewelry but I rarely find anything I absolutely love. Today was a totally different story! Everything I laid eyes on had me smiling. At one point, I considered getting a basket but knew that would be a bad idea. Instead, I happily admired the pretty things from afar. Some of it I couldn’t find online but I’m linking a few of my favorites below!

Definitely go check out a Charming Charlie store if you can. There’s so much more I wish I could link to but I couldn’t find it online. Most of it was home decor items like cute coffee mugs, wine glasses, and things like that. I also saw an adorable travel kit that included 3 canvas bags for shoes, laundry, and lingerie to organize your suitcase. My inner OCD is so happy at the thought of this!

Leave a comment with your favorite Charming Charlie item above!

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8 thoughts on “Charming Charlie Christmas Gifts”

  1. I love Charming Charlie! I refer to it as the Claire’s for grownups! Lol! They do have a lot of cute and practical stuff in the stores that don’t come up online.
    I’ll be doing most Christmas gift wrapping this weekend so you are not alone. Great post 🙂


  2. I gotta say: I really love those ear muffs! They look snug and warm, and I love the bright red colour.
    (Don’t worry: I’m STILL not done my shopping either, and we also still have some decorations sitting in our basement…Tis the season).


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