how to wear chambray

Indian Summer Style

how to wear chambray

It’s a beautiful December morning here in southern Maryland! The temperatures have been in the 60s for the last few days so I’m embracing it and wearing a few of my warm weather favorites like this great chambray shirt. There’s been a nasty virus going around and I was fortunate enough to catch it so I especially appreciate a warm summer/winter day!

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to our local boardwalk to enjoy the sun and seagulls. A beautiful Christmas tree was decorated under a gazebo by the water and we stopped to take a few pictures. I just rediscovered my love of wearing white jeans after Labor Day and I had to share with you!

white jeansSome of my favorite looks are all about versatility and I love that white jeans like these (from Ann Taylor) can be worn with so much all year round. That’s the key to a great wardrobe on a budget- the ability to mix and match. During these awkward days when the weather just doesn’t know what season it is, I love being able to pull out a few things that work in all seasons. Even the accessories I wear tend to go with almost everything in my closet.

tiffanys from boyfriend

My favorite piece of jewelry I own is this beautiful Tiffany necklace that my sweet boyfriend bought for me as a Christmas gift! The classic Tiffany charm hangs next to a pretty pink heart on the chain. It came in the perfect little blue box and I was so surprised and excited to receive it! It’s what I like to call an investment piece. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny, but it goes beautifully with everything!

indian summer

Outfit details: Chambray Shirt- American Eagle | Jeans- Ann Taylor | Bag- Kate Spade | Lipstick- Nars | Aviators- Daisy Fuentes | Necklace- Tiffany & Co.

Enjoy your Monday and drink a large cup of coffee! I certainly need to. Leave a comment with your favorite versatile clothing piece!

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18 thoughts on “Indian Summer Style”

  1. Also living in the North Eastern part of the US, I have to say wow aren’t we being teased right now? Like I totally know the snow is coming any day now, right? (; I too have been getting one last hurrah out of all my lighter fall options. Love your chmbray combo! Your Tiffany & Co necklace is adorable!


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