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What to Put in a Guest Room

Holiday Guest Room

Only a few more days until Thanksgiving and I’m getting excited! My family and I have our own little routine for this holiday. We start every Thanksgiving by watching the Macy’s parade Thursday morning followed by my mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls. Dad bastes the turkey all day and then we eat around 4. We don’t have family in the area so we make do with a few friends of ours that sometimes come in place of family.

For those of you who have out-of-town guests coming, I’ve come up with a little list of things you might want to have on hand in their guest bedroom! Hospitality is the strongest form of love you can show to anyone staying in your home. Your house isn’t a hotel, but you’re a host and should try your best to make guests feel comfortable!

Preparing for Holiday Guests

Let’s talk about bedding. First, you need the obvious things- towels, an air mattress with clean sheets on it if there isn’t a bed already in the room, and a few pillows. However, it’s nice to include extra blankets, a few throw pillows for decoration, and even a fan for noise.

Moving on to bathroom supplies, keep a few travel sized items in a neat basket. Shampoo, tooth brushes and tooth paste, soap, and even a hair brush are all items I would include because I forget them on most of my trips. You might consider lending your female guests a cleaned flat iron or curling iron if they forgot to bring theirs.

A final touch that really makes guests feel welcomed is a jar of cookies and a few bottles of water. Everyone gets the midnight munchies, but when you’re at another person’s home you feel funny about going into their kitchen and making yourself a snack. A cookie jar or even a snack bag is a nice touch to any guest room.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give thanks for the many blessings you have! Leave a comment with your holiday plans!

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8 thoughts on “What to Put in a Guest Room”

  1. What a sweet post. I love making any guest feel welcome if they’re staying over at our house, and when I get my own place I know I’ll have more freedom to make it more accommodating. Adding a snack like a jar of cookies is so thoughtful! I always give my guests a bottle of water to have by their bedside. The pine cone is a lovely touch too 🙂


  2. Great ideas Liz! I love the pillows you chose and the idea of the snacks & water because its so true- its scary going out in search of a snack or a glass of water later at night or early in the morning! You never know who is awake or what conversations you might get trapped in while you are dying of thirst hahaha, Happy Thanksgiving!


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