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10 Mistakes Every First-Time Blogger Makes

Mistakes Bloggers Make


Hello lovelies! Since I shared a post last week about a few milestones I’ve recently reached on my blog, I wanted to give some unsolicited advice about the mistakes new bloggers make. I started out on my blogging adventure in May 2014 and did so many crazy things that crack me up now. Many of you have commented on other blog posts saying that you’re new to the blogging world. I’d love to help you out with a few suggestions on what you shouldn’t do when blogging!

Blogging Mistakes

Inconsistent Blogging –

I’ve had many bloggers approach me and want to collaborate, which is great! However, the first thing I do is check their blogs to see how consistent they are in their blogging. Why? Because it says a lot about how serious they are, the size of their (potential) audience, and how much my time will be worth collaborating on a project with them. Additionally, your own audience will become disinterested in you if they don’t know when you’ll post next.

Poorly Lit Photos-

The first months of my blogging were the worst for this! Shadowy pictures, grainy photos, and just awful imagery were all over my posts. It was bad. No one likes to look at that! People love pretty pictures that are well lit and taken with a steady hand. The best light is natural light. 

Writing Mysterious Titles-

“Pumpkins and Bicycles.” What does that even mean? Bloggers seem to think that mysterious blog titles will get people interested in what they wrote. It doesn’t do that at all. If people don’t clearly understand the topic of your blog post, then they are very unlikely to click it on to find out more.

Strange Font Colors-

When I first started blogging, I thought it was a fun idea to make my fonts bright and exciting. I actually made some of the font colors pink! Yes, I would write my entire post in pink. Guess what? No one can read that, so don’t do it.

Keeping the .Wordpress-

Starting out, you aren’t sure if you want to invest money in your blog. Believe me, I get it. However, if you want brands and other bloggers to take you seriously and collaborate with you, you have to get rid of that “.Wordpress” in your blog’s url and that means buying the domain name.

Relying on Polyvore for Content-

I love Polyvore, but it shouldn’t be your main source to create content. I use it specifically to help me with illustrations for my blog, but I do not let that become the centerpiece. For example, I might create a little something about a seasonal coffee bar, but I don’t plop that on my blog post and say “enjoy guys!” That doesn’t help anyone or give them ideas. You need to write something!

Writing About Yourself-

Talking about your experiences adds life to your posts, but your blog isn’t your online diary. If you truly want to grow your blog, then you need to have content that somehow helps or inspires the readers.

Promoting Your Blog-

I’ve had people comment on my blog or Instagram saying something like “Great” and then leaving their blog link. Obviously, they’re trying to get me and my readers to visit their blog. Leave a substantive comment and it’s more likely to happen.

Forgetting to Spell Check-

Even I still forget to do this. It’s the thing that can add or take away credibility from your website. Similar to applying for a job, you can’t have mistakes on your resume because no one will take you seriously.

Writing More Than You Promote-

For whatever reason, we think all we have to do is promote our blog posts on our Facebook pages and our Twitters, but it’s so much more than that. Collaborating with other bloggers, writing for websites, and leaving genuine comments on other’s blogs is promotion.

If you have tips, experiences, or advice to share, then please leave a comment! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say and so does everyone else!

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25 thoughts on “10 Mistakes Every First-Time Blogger Makes”

  1. Interesting read. I came to this post after seeing you had visited mine. The title grabbed my attention as a new blogger. I was relieved to find that I can tick off on most of your tips 🙂 I have been writing for a long time, so that is not new to me. The posting, blogging bit is and it has been a huge learning curve. Just a comment on images – I do use some of my own. Not always the best quality but the choice is for reasons of ‘fit’ with content. I use free for public use imagery in the main. Pixabay is a favourite site for me.


  2. It is always a help to read suggestions on blogging. I always appreciate learning from the experiences of others. Thank you for visiting my blog, which then caused me to come visit you 🙂 May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. As a someone new to blogging this is so very helpful! So often I have to remind myself that the core reason I started blogging was for MYSELF – to catalogue and have a creative outlet for me – not necessarily for others. I’m finding that the less I stress over how many people are reading and feeling like I’m writing/creating for no one that all of the things I’m writing and sharing are because I enjoy doing it. That’s been the biggest thing for me to realize thus far. And, from what I have read and heard from successful bloggers, the “career” has it’s ebbs and flows so you have to continue to make sure to keep this your reality and not let yourself get lost too much.


  4. This post was helpful. I’m new to the blogger word and feel that these little helpful hints will help me out in the long run. Especially the working with other bloggers. I really want to work on that more and more.


  5. Great tips! I don’t know much about proper blogging so these are awesome tools to have under my belt as I move forward 🙂


  6. These are great tips and also reminders for even the seasoned bloggers! I definitely need to get rid of the .wordpress- especially now that I know I want to blog for the long haul.
    Picture quality and of course content is what I look for when deciding on if I want to follow a blog or not- I feel like anyone is able to take great pictures, you just have to have good lighting and a steady hand!


  7. Here’s a tip. Bloggers need to pay more attention to SEO. Gaining a larger audience through promotion is the best way but SEO is important because you need your website to show up on search engines. Content is the most important part of a blog and if a search engine can’t find that, your blog won’t show up.


    1. Love your article. I’m new to blogging as well so I had to look up Davis’s tip to see what an seo is. durrr…OK, I get it.

      But what I am most unhappy with at the moment are my photos. I know that a lot of people say that natural light is the best and I do notice how indoor lighting casts a yellow glow onto everything. But I wonder- if you have to shoot indoors, would it work if you changed all of your light bulbs to the “natural daylight ” kind?

      Have you had any experience with this? I know that I should go looking for photo instruction specific sites, but I like your photos so I am wondering what you think about it.


      1. I would recommend investing in photography lighting. Yes it may be expensive, but it’s worth it. I also don’t take many of my own photos because I rarely talk about what I’m wearing.

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  8. Completely agree with all of these, especially the photographs one. Natural light really is the best! I always try aiming for this but sometimes, it’s so hard to capture. I need a new camera!


  9. Thanks so much for the tips! I’m really new to blogging and am definitely guilty of some of these mistakes. It gives me some focused things to work on, and that is something I can really appreciate!


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