how to wear cardigans

Unique Ways to Wear Cardigans

how to wear cardigans

I am a sucker for classic wardrobe pieces. At least 3 little black dresses hang in my closet and I have numerous tubes of red lipstick. The one piece I wish I had more of though is a cardigan. They’re so versatile and look great on everyone. I relied very heavily on mine when I worked in an office because it was the one thing that kept me warm! Because they go with everything, I got creative with how I wore them.

How to Wear a Cardigan

Just because cardigans are a classic doesn’t mean you can’t update them! The first way to wear it is with a great pair of utility pants. They’re very on-trend this season and you can find them in a large range of prices. The ones pictured above are on clearance at J Crew Factory! They also come in red!

The second way to wear them is with a classic pencil skirt. Revolutionary? Not really, but it looks professional and put-together for the office. With a simple look like this, I like to add a big statement necklace to give the outfit some character and excitement. This pencil skirt is on sale for $19.99!

Finally, another great outfit is pairing a cardigan with pull-on pants. I’m not sure where the trendiness of these pants started, but they’re relaxed through the hip and thigh while tapered at the ankle. Adding a classic touch to these modern pants pulls the outfit together.

You can find these fabulous cardigans on clearance at J Crew Factory for $24.99! The quality is really great and you can get a lot of use out of them year-round. Consider investing in one especially for the holiday season approaching.

Comment with your favorite classic piece and suggestions on how to wear it! Have a lovely day!

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