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Favorite Beauty Products Under $20

Happy Thursday beauties! Today, I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite beauty products for this fall. Some products I use are more high end, while others you can find in drugstores. Quite a few of you are make up gurus and know much more about the world of beauty than I ever will, so I’m just here to show you what I love and whether it’s worth the investment. Feel free to comment with some of your favorites too!

makeup reviews

The first one on my list is The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline New York! This was one of the best purchases I’ve made in awhile. Similar to the ever-so popular Urban Decay eye shadow palette, this palette features 12 different shades of beautiful, rosy nude colors. It was $9.99 at Target and worth every penny. Mixing up my eye shadow is something I rarely did and this palette certainly made me change that.

Another score from the Victoria’s Secret outlet (see haul here) is the Beauty Rush Volume Mascara. Eyelashes are rarely long enough to be visible but this mascara changes that! Honestly, my lashes have never looked longer or fuller. I found it on sale for $2.99 at the outlets (not online anymore) so if you can, pop in and see if you can score it for that price!

Eye shadow and mascara won’t make much of a difference without a great foundation though. I splurged and bought the Sephora brand 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation (oil free too!) It was $20 and a little steep for what I’m used to paying but well worth it. My skin isn’t breaking out like it used to and it looks flawless!

The Nyx Powder Blush in Rose Garden finishes this list. It’s a great color and has a little shimmer to it, which I think is nice. Believe it or not, I found it on clearance at Target for $2.99 and decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately for my wallet, a love affair with blush was started!

I love a variety of products in all price ranges but generally the more expensive the product, the better the quality. Sephora has a great rewards program that allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend. On your birthday, they give you a special gift too! Last year, I got two Nars lip pencils!

Leave a comment with your beauty finds this month, I’d love to hear from you! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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16 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Products Under $20”

  1. (disclaimer: I’m a dude and don’t wear make up often/ever) I don’t know if this counts as a “beauty” product, per se, but I’m a big fan of coconut oil and I’m pretty sure that it’s under $20 if you buy it in smaller quantities. It’s wicked good for dry skin and hair and stuff and it’s all natural, which is good too. I guess it’s more “health and beauty”, emphasis on “health”, but I thought it was a good one! And you can cook with it too!


      1. Make sure that you get the one that’s Extra Virgin Organic 100% Raw and Cold Pressed. I’ve made the rookie mistake before of putting the one that’s supposed to be strictly for cooking in my hair…. don’t do that it’s awful. Nutiva is my personal favorite brand but Vita Coco (the one that makes the coconut water) makes some pretty good coconut oil too. It also lasts a long time because you don’t need very much when applying it to your hair and skin. The first time I tried it, it literally felt like my face and hair were being fed. It literally FEELS like it’s good for you.


  2. One of my favorite make up products at the moment is the Wake Me Up Mascara from Rimmel. I recently discovered 2 eyeshadow palettes from Essence which I like using and they are such a bargain! I will certainly do a review on those palettes… Love, Kathleen


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