Easy Halloween Checklist

Halloween Checklist

Halloween is this coming Saturday night and I’m so excited about it. However, I have to ask myself where did autumn go? One minute I’m hounding the Starbucks baristas about when the PSL will be available and the next minute someone else is asking about gingerbread latte season. I walked into Target today (surprise, surprise) and all the fall stuff was on clearance and employees were unpacking boxes of reindeer and LED Christmas lights. I’m a little bummed out honestly.

Anyway, since Halloween is like any other holiday that requires some preparation, I’ve created a little list to help get you through the day. By no means is it an exhaustive list (especially if you’re having a party) but there’s a few things on it that you might have forgotten. Add a comment with anything else you’d suggest!

  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Assorted pumpkins
  • Battery-operated lights for the pumpkins
  • Candy to hand out to the neighbor kids
  • Supplies for baking (sugar, sprinkles, butter etc.)
  • Costume
  • Accessories for costume (tail or ears, makeup, jewelry, shoes)
  • Fake spiderwebs to put over the bushes outside
  • Flashlights for trick-or-treating
  • Uber booked for pickup after parties

Enjoy what’s left of this season! I’ll be showing you my costume later this week if all goes according to plan. My Halloween plans include a masquerade ball at a haunted inn, here’s a peek at my costume! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for blog updates!

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