how to wear chambray

Wearing Chambray

how to wear chambray

I love the early part of fall because you can wear an assortment of clothes! I never seem to want to put my summer clothes in boxes nor do I want to jump right into wearing jeans and heavy sweaters. A shirt that fits the inevitable summer-fall transition time (i.e. it’s 85 degrees one day and 70 the next) is the chambray shirt!

First, let me start by saying that this shirt is super comfy! Second, it’s very versatile. I like to wear it open with a tank top underneath most of the time, but I’ve also worn it buttoned-up and tucked into a really cute tartan skirt. I’m thinking of adding it to my list of staple items in a wardrobe.

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The family and I went to Massachusetts a few weeks ago for a little vacation (see photos here and here). I found myself wearing my chambray shirt a few times because the during the day it got warm, whence the rolled up sleeves, and at night it got chilly. Bonus: it can be worn with anything, therefore lightening my luggage load! My dad was thankful, let me tell you!

I found my shirt at American Eagle several years ago but here’s a similar one. Happy shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Wearing Chambray”

  1. Love the reminder about chambray! Mine’s currently packed and in my in-laws’ garage because we’re in the process of moving but I think I’m going to go dig it out this afternoon!


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