How I Destroyed My Bedding (and what I bought to replace it!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m no Martha Stewart. I’m not even close. I burn popcorn in the microwave, I leave my clothes in the dryer for days, I always forget about the pasta boiling on the stove, and my mom still has to remind me to take my vitamins. Yesterday, I hit a new low- I ruined my bedspread in the washing machine.

Earlier in the day I noticed that my pristine white comforter wasn’t so white anymore. I poured some laundry detergent in the washing machine, stuffed the comforter inside, closed the lid, and turned it on. About an hour later I returned to take my comforter out of the washer. I looked inside and not only was my comforter still covered in soap, part of it had gotten caught on something and ripped. Upon further inspection, it also had burn marks in several places. Doing what any young, 20-something would do, I called my mom. Apparently, it’s hard to fit feather-filled comforters in a standard sized washer. Good one, Liz.

I went to Marshall’s that afternoon to pick up a new comforter and I find a really cute one! It was on sale for $49.99! The designer is Cynthia Rowley. I absolutely love the coral and aqua blue colors that were chosen. It absolutely lights up my room and gives it more color.



My walls are white, and while I love the look of cleanliness white creates, sometimes things get white-washed. I wanted to avoid that when choosing a new comforter. I think it turned out well!



Something else I avoid in a bedroom is having a boring nightstand! I don’t want it to be cluttered but I like to stack coffee table books and a decorative piece or two for some visual interest. Tell me what’s inspiring you in your bedroom with a comment below!


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9 thoughts on “How I Destroyed My Bedding (and what I bought to replace it!)”

    1. It said Cynthia Rowley on the tag for it. However, the tag wasn’t the traditional Cynthia one, I’m thinking it was actually a child’s best spread because the label looked very whimsical.


  1. Unfortunately in our small apartment with NO storage, my bedroom is the last to be decorated. There’s a huge dog crate on one side of the bed, and the clothes that won’t fit in my tiny closet piled on the other. But I dream of one day having an organized and decorated room!


    1. Oh geez girl! I hear ya! Growing up my bedroom was so tiny! No storage! I got my own place recently and it’s pretty big but honestly too expensive!


  2. That new comforter is beautiful!! And your bed side table is so chic and elegant – very beautiful!


  3. Those are beautiful colours – what a treat to wake up to that pretty comforter! I have the same table lamp and love it, but my nightstand is full of books and hand lotions.


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