Beachin’ on Memorial Day


On this lovely Memorial Day I’m headed to the beach with family for a day in the sun and enjoying each other’s company. Packing a good ol’ baseball cap, lemonade, sunnies, and sporting the cutest bikini I can find! Also, sun screen and lots of it. I already got my annual sunburn a few weeks back so I think I’m good for now. My poor baby sister, Rebecca, just got back from a canoeing trip in West Virginia and her group got sun burned, so this kid can’t go another day without some aloe and sun screen!

What else is in my beach bag? Ear buds, Vogue, fruit to munch on, bug spray (ugh mosquitos!) and a Vera Bradley beach towel. Days like this, sunny and 75 degrees, are what I live for. It’s the kind of weather where you either want to own a Jeep so you can take the doors and roof off or you want a sporty convertible. Both sound wonderful at the moment.

As always, Memorial Day holds a lot more meaning than just a BBQ and a 3 day weekend. For some people, this is a day of mourning someone they lost to war. It’s a day to remember those that paid the ultimate price for freedom. We celebrate today in their honor, knowing that while we enjoy our outdoor activities, someone didn’t return home in order that we may do so. Remember the sacrifice and celebrate the freedom.


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3 thoughts on “Beachin’ on Memorial Day”

  1. I like how you take a moment to realize that memorial day isn’t all about the pools opening and it becoming warm enough to finally hit the beach. It’s very thoughtful of you. I hope you really enjoyed your memorial day! 🙂


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