Mason Jars: A Love-Hate Relationship

mason_jar_usesI have many pet peeves in life. From messy desk tops to my pants creating an unwanted muffin-top, my little dislikes range from normal to crazy. One pet peeve that I rarely am brave enough to mention because everyone is obsessed with them is mason jars. You read that right. I can’t stand them… for the most part. There are a few times when I think they’re appropriate to use and about a million times when they’re just, dare I say, tacky.

What’s my least favorite use of these glass, Pinterest-y objects? Wedding decorations. Dear Lord, don’t get me started! At first, it was kind of cute, but then everyone thought so and all of the sudden every single wedding had mason jars. It is no longer clever to wrap twine around the tops of the jars to make bows and then put flowers inside. It’s also not unique to put lights inside and then hang the jars from the rafters of your barn/reception space. I’m not a hater, I’m just over this trend. Since I’m talking about trends I’m so over, I may as well mention my severe dislike of using chalkboards for anything at a wedding. It’s been done too many times.

Mason jars do have their purposes though, and these are a few of my favorite Pinterest-inspired uses.

  1. Portable Mason Jar Meals– I really like this idea for salads as a slightly prettier way to carry in lunch to work. Tupperware just isn’t as cute.
  2. Herb Garden– I don’t garden and never will but being able to grow herbs in my home for when I cook (if I cook) is really useful. Sit them in the sun and give them a watering everyday and you’ve got herbs!
  3. Kitchen Storage– I hate opening a bag of nuts or popcorn kernels and having them spill all over my drawers after a period of time. Putting food items like that in a clear, glass jar make it easy to see and super organized.
  4. Make Up Brush Storage– This is way cleaner than throwing it in a make up bin and you can actually find it without digging around for a few minutes.


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15 thoughts on “Mason Jars: A Love-Hate Relationship”

  1. Reblogged this on Sarah's Preppy Closet and commented:
    I am totally with you on this one, I get so annoyed with Mason Jars! The first Pinterest wedding with the Chalkboard and Mason Jar to use as a holder for a candy bar WAS cute, but we seriously have to move onto another trend already!


  2. I must say, I’m in the middle when it comes to mason jars. I wouldn’t personally use them in my wedding, but I do like the pendant lighting that’s on Pinterest using mason jars. It’s rustic and depending on the type of space, I think it’s innovative. But I agree, anything that’s over populated can get over done very easily and this is a trend that needs to take pause!


  3. We could also just use Mason for their intended purpose – canning food! In recent years all the trendy wedding uses have caused the cost to go up which annoys people who actually do can. I also use them as a drinking vessel, but only because I want a glass water bottle and they are the least expensive choice.

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  4. If you like salad in a mason jar, try soup in a mason jar – just add boiling water. Veggies, seasoning paste, quick noodles (rice noodles?). Some recipes use dried meats for protein. Yum. Oh, and overnight oatmeal – great in a half pint jar, if you don’t mind chewy oats.

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      1. I do that too, but I prefer just throwing all the dressing ingredients in the salad bowl “in the moment”. The flavour is different every time. In fact, if I need it portable, I use a baby-food jar – they’re the perfect size.


      2. I made Tom Yum soup in a jar when I went camping this summer. All I needed to do was boil water. Depending on your jar, you can either make the soup IN THE JAR or toss the ingredients from the jar into the pot. Both work. 🙂


  5. The first time I told my mom that mason jars were now the “in” thing, she gave me a confused, blank look and said, “But we use them for tomato sauce…?” ahaha I agree, sometimes they’re appropriate, but they can also be tacky when over-used.


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