Graduation Day Style

lilly_pulitzer_graduation_styleI’m happy to say I’ve finally chosen a dress for my big day! After a few months of searching, I decided on a gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer dress for my graduation. I went up to one of the nicer malls in the Washington, DC area yesterday in search of the perfect ensemble for the special day. I tried on two dresses and without a doubt chose the right one!

I want my graduation day to be special and Lilly says special to me. Better yet, it’s my very first Lilly dress! I’m not one of those girls who grew up wearing these expensive, bright clothing designs. My family didn’t have money to spend $80 on a little girl dress for the summer and that was ok. Now that I’m older and have my own income, I get to splurge on little things like this. It truly is a sense of accomplishment.

The rest of my graduation day outfit is a bit up in the air. How on Earth do you plan for something that’s outdoors and a month away? That’s right, you don’t. I’m just hoping the weather is nice and the humidity isn’t ridiculous. I’ll certainly be wearing a heel of some sort if it isn’t wet outside. Otherwise, my ballet flats will be making their graduation debut. I’ll be rocking the pearls around my neck to add that extra prep in my step. Here’s hoping they don’t get caught in my hair because it’ll be curled! Story of my life.

I’m still trying to figure out who will be taking my graduation pictures for me. I want to do them on my college campus in my Lilly dress and get a few shots of me holding my graduation cap or throwing it in the air. I have so many great ideas for pictures and no photographer to make it happen and understand my vision.

If you guys have any suggestions or ideas for great graduation day style, I’d love to hear them! Comment below!


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15 thoughts on “Graduation Day Style”

  1. Such a beautiful dress! And one you can definitely wear again! Great choice and congrats on graduating (soon)!


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