Lilly Pulitzer for My College Graduation

Good morning lovelies! I’m sitting in bed eating granola and yogurt trying to convince myself not to eat the chocolate covered strawberries in the refrigerator. That’s easier said than done. I need the chocolate to get through the next round of job applications I’m sending out. I swear, this never ends!

lilly_pulitzer_springI mentioned in a previous post, that my graduation is coming up in May and I want to celebrate by buying myself a Lilly Pulitzer dress to wear for the big day! During my trip to Charleston, I tried a few on and snapped some pictures to show you. I didn’t buy any of them as I would prefer my mom and best friend to help me choose one. Yes, I realize it sounds like I’m wedding dress shopping but for me, this is the biggest day of my life! I accomplished this solely on my own and its worthy of celebration!

I also wanted your opinion on the dresses I tried on. The girls in the Lilly store were so kind and gave me great feedback but there’s nothing like having people you care about (hint: that’s you gals)ย giving you a thumbs up or down.

I absolutely loved this cut and style. Very flattering on my figure! Sorry it’s a bit blurry. My iPhone camera is starting to go.


I accidentally tried on the size 6 in this dress. I’m usually a size 8. I managed to squeeze into it but it wasn’t without some twisting and contorting!
I absolutely loved this one! My only complaint was that my bra straps showed and I’d need to wear a strapless bra. Anyone who’s ever worn one knows how awful they are.

Leave a comment and tell me which one you like the most!


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18 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer for My College Graduation”

  1. The salmon one is wonderful! It fits very well in your body and you look powerful! Let us know which dress you said “yes”! xoxo


  2. The Janice Shift Dress in Pink Salmon is one of my all time favorite Lilly dresses. The cut looks so great on you. I like the idea of wearing a fun print for graduation but the first dress just reminds me too much of a Hawaiian shirt. If you’re looking for more print options you should check out the Delia Shift Dress in Bright Navy.
    xx -Merisa


  3. I love the corally/pinky dress. First of all, the color looks fantastic on you. Secondly, the cut of the dress is flattering, and I think the solid color is more appropriate for a college graduation. (BTW–is that the Janice dress with the scooped back?). The first dress’s fabric is just too…too much. It isn’t one of my fave Lilly prints. The third dress is too “out and about” or beachy. But–you have to pick the dress that’ll be the most comfy! You look great in all of them!


    1. I agree, Catherine! The Janice dress is lovely and the scoop back is fabulous! I think I’ll be selecting that one for the graduation. Thanks so much!


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