Savvy Shopper Haul

Hello lovelies! Thursday is here and frankly, I’m glad that the week is almost over. It’s been long and tiring! There’s nothing better than knowing the weekend is just around the corner. I can already imagine the great naps I’ll take and all the things I’ll pin on my Pinterest boards!

Shopping Haul

In true blogger fashion, I’m doing a haul today on the various little things I’ve picked up in the last few weeks. Most of you know I’m a serious bargain hunter. Full price is never something I’ll pay unless I really need it or the quality is actually worth it. It’s how I live well while spending less. Everything you see here was at least 50% off!


How adorable are these little cardboard boxes?! They were half off at Michael’s a few weeks ago (I paid $2 for each). The white box I put all of my nail polish in and the box on top I’m still finding a use for. I’m thinking it would be a cute place to store all my stationary!


This is my little pride and joy right here! Normally $24.99, I paid $12.99 for this cute Target jewelry box. It’s kind of difficult to show you how awesome it is in a picture because everything reflects off of it. It has the perfect place to store rings and earrings efficiently and has ample room for all my necklaces. So in love with it!


Another favorite of mine! These fake peonies and hydrangeas I bought two days ago 50% at Michael’s. Normally, I hate fake flowers, but at this time in my life I can’t afford to get a bouquet every week. I was looking for good quality fake flowers and Ashland Homes designs some really pretty ones. I paid $2.50 for the peonies and $3.50 for the Hydrangeas. The vase I spray painted myself (DIY to come).


This gold and sky blue chain necklace I bought for $4.99 at New York & Company last week! It was originally priced at $22.99 and I’ve been eyeing it for at least 6 months. I walked into the store, saw the clearance rack, and then raided the necklace area and found this beauty!


Eeek! Another favorite of mine! I found this at New York & Company for $2.99 (original price was $19.99) last week also! I just love the coral and gray jewels in it. Really looking forward to the spring when we’re transitioning out of our winter clothes and into the spring ones so I can wear this!


Right next to the bracelet above, I found this pretty gray and black statement bracelet! It was also 2.99!


This brown and glittery-gold braided belt I found at Target on clearance for $3.99. I love a braided belt with a shift dress. I have a narrow waist and love to use a belt to emphasize this feature.


Another find at New York & Company! I got this great belt for $8.99 (half off!) for all of the dresses I have that need a little something added to them. It’s specifically made to go around the waist so I’ll have no problem wearing this! The gold, plated surface on the front is really chic and doesn’t squeeze your stomach!


My last find was quite a few weeks ago at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Semi-Annual sale. These Under Armor athletic shoes were on sale for $54.99 as opposed to there $80 price tag. I needed new shoes to workout in that have more support than the crappy ones I had before. I also love the pink accents. Gotta bring the pink!

Tell me about your recent finds!


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5 thoughts on “Savvy Shopper Haul”

  1. Love your new jewelry box!! Super cute! And I almost bought the same boxes at Michael’s too! I mean, for $2 you cannot go wrong. But I knew my husband might have a heart attack if I brought home MORE stuff. 🙂


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