Moving In: The Struggle is Real

ralph_lauren_polo_hat Good morning lovelies! I’ve had a very busy week and weekend so I thought I’d update you on what’s been happening in the life a lá Liz! I realize I haven’t been blogging quite as much as I’ve wanted to and I certainly haven’t forgotten you guys. I love writing for you and to you. I’m inspired by your comments and stories.

Lately, I’ve been buying things for my apartment and unpacking more suitcases and boxes trying turn this apartment into a home. It’s a long process of getting everything just the way I want it, especially when you’re on a recent college grad budget. I’m proud of myself though, I’ve been learning to budget better and save money. There’s a lot of little expenses that I’m surprised to learn about though. For example, I went to Verizon to look into getting my own plan and they told me the cost monthly would be $40 for the data package I want. I asked what the other monthly fees would be and once they added it all up it was around $80. Big difference. Most of the fees were incredibly stupid and clearly designed to sound important when really all they’re going towards is some CEO’s paycheck.

Anyway, being out on my own is an exciting new adventure for me. Work is going well and I’m enjoying what I do. Working from home is really nice! I love being able to get up and sign into our web platform in my pjs while sipping coffee and listening to Jack Johnson. I’m spoiled, I know.

american_heritage_girlsLast week was all about adjusting to a routine and getting myself together. This week I have a bit more on my plate. Hopefully, I’ll get to spend time with my sister and hear about her trip to Harper’s Ferry, WV. She and her American Heritage Girls troop went on a canoeing trip Friday and should be back tomorrow. I’m sure someone flipped their canoe or nearly drowned. Always some shenanigans going down with these girls. In the photo is my sister on the right and then her friends Faith, Grace, and Allie. These girls are hilarious together. I’m so glad my sister has such a good group of friends.

I’m going to go get ready for my day now! Enjoy your Sunday!


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