Weekend Projects Perfect for the Winter Months

weekend_wearHappy Saturday friends! I’m glad I have the weekend off so I can vegetate on the couch and catch up on my sleep. There’s nothing I rather do right now than sit in my pjs by the warm fire and drink my coffee. Shocking isn’t it?

Last night my baby sister, Rebecca, and I stayed up late watching Disney movies. We started out with the Cheetah Girls 3 and ended with Pocahontas. According to her, my Disney persona is Governor Radcliffe and my cat, Tanzie, is his dog Percy. Apparently, this is what I look like in Tiffany’s. Laugh if you must.

Anyway, if you’re looking for things to do this weekend I’ve come up with a list of things that I SHOULD be doing but I’m not.

  • Organize my sock drawer. Seriously, how on Earth did my t shirts end up in there?
  • Pack up the summer clothes still hanging in my closet.
  • Touch up the base boards in my room.
  • Style my desk so I actually want to sit at it.
  • Reorganize my jewelry box.
  • Clean out the attic and go through grandma’s silver dinnerware.
  • Get rid of junk I don’t need. There’s so much of it accumulated under my bed.

Seriously, I recommend doing this while it’s still cold outside and there’s nothing to do anyway. Who wants to clean the house when the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming in April? Plus, you can do this in your PJs (see picture above).

Let me know what your weekend plans are in a comment below!


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