Autumn Decorating Ideas

Autumn Decoration Ideas

I absolutely love autumn and all the colors that come with it. I love decorating the house with little touches of warmth and comfort I associate with fall. It just brings in the season with that much more decoration and happiness. Growing up, my mom was always really good at this. She liked to burn pumpkin and cinnamon scented candles and string garlands of leaves across the top of our kitchen cabinets. We even had a “harvest tree” in our living room. It stood about 5 feet high and looked like a pine tree (the bottom half was made to look like tree bark) and the top half was dark green. We would be cute little fall ornaments on it for fun.

Now that I’m older, I have created my own sense of decoration. I couldn’t fit everything I love into one post but I managed to fit a few things. I thought the color scheme of gold, brown, cream, burnt orange, and touches of sparkle were really nice for the season. It’s soft and manages to fit with a neutral color palette.

I love the little fox and owl I added in for a touch of whimsy. They’re so cute! I was also a fan of the clear glass bottles because I think it would be cute to pour some gold or burgundy sparkles or sequins into them.

A fun idea I had with the gold picture frame is to print a spooky looking picture of an old house or scary looking military general from 100 years ago and put the photo in the frame. If you aren’t into the scary idea, frame a picture of fall scenery such as mountains or a tree lined walkway. Just make sure the colors of the image don’t clash with the frame.

The leather basket would be the perfect place to hold flannel blankets or other things to wrap up in when you have company or just want to settle down and relax. I probably couldn’t do this at my house because I’d have a kitty in the basket in no time!

Finally, the acorns added that adorable aspect of fall that we associate with cold weather coming. The large vase adds the sparkle and shimmer that I love so much. Add a branch (like the one above) dipped in a nice color the compliments it. Better yet, add more sparkle!

Hope you enjoy these fun, little decorating ideas. Enjoy the start of the season! It goes so fast!


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