The Pioneer Woman and Music from the Heart Land

Farm I went to last weekend had gorgeous horses!

For today’s post, this Maryland girl is going country with my favorite Food Network show host Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman! Then, I’m going to show you some of my favorite country music!

I’ve always had an interest in ranching and living in the west. I don’t think I could move there full time but I’d like to try it out for a week or so. I found a blog written by a woman who lives on a ranch in Oklahoma and it turns out the lady has her own show on Food Network. “The Pioneer Woman” basically details her life and what it’s like living on a cattle ranch with her husband and 4 kids. While documenting each day’s activities, she also whips up some pretty amazing meals! Here’s a scene from one of my favorite episodes:

She may live in the country but she doesn’t always make “country” meals. I just love to watch her cook! I am so relaxed (and hungry) whenever she’s making a delicious meal like this.

There’s something so serene about the area Ree lives in. Maybe it’s the simple fact that there aren’t annoying neighbors around or heavy traffic. You could just sit there and be at peace with everything. How many times have any of us experienced that? Personally, its been awhile! To add to the mental picture I hope you all are trying to create in your head of the country life, here’s a few videos of my favorite country songs.

I hope you all enjoyed this little country detour you took with me! Comment below with your favorite country songs or little country towns you’ve visited! 


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