A Dressing Room

A Dressing Room
The wealthy among us have a little thing called a walk in closet or even better, a dressing room. These were more common years ago but if you’re lucky enough to have one then you know how incredibly neat they are. Personally I would rather have a large closet with floor space to put a chair and pretty rug but if I am ever able to afford a full on dressing room, this is the color scheme I’m going with! What’s yours?

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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

8 thoughts on “A Dressing Room”

  1. Just found you on here via your comment on my blog…. nice blog you have! My bedroom definitely has the room to make a “dressing room”, it is huge! I have a walk-iin closet… but there is room to extend it. I should do it! Love the idea of a chair and rug… maybe lots of mirrors. ok…thanks! … starting a dream… 🙂


    1. You should extend it! Sounds amazing! My closet is the size of a small coat closet! I’m desperate to make it bigger but there’s no room! lol

      Thanks for commenting!


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