World Cup and the Spirit of the Game!

I never thought I would enjoy soccer. I really didn’t. However, this year’s World Cup has proven otherwise but in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

I’ll keep this short but I want to highlight how awesome it is to see each country taking pride in their teams! FromWorld_Cup the moment the gents and their kid sidekicks step onto the field there’s an undeniable sense of electricity moving through the air. They line up, salute their flags, sing their anthems, and then greet the opposing team. In a time where half the world is in an uproar, it is nice to see some sportsmanship taking place.

National identity and pride is absolutely vital to the survival and will power of a country. While some countries that are playing in the World Cup display their identity and pride less than others, I certainly appreciate the ones that are very open about it.

World_CupI’m cheering on two teams- England and America. England for my grandma and America because its my home. It sends goose bumps down my arms to hear my country’s anthem and to see our player’s mumbling the words with their hand on their heart. I also marvel at the other anthems as well. Its a cultural experience for all of us. For the first time in awhile we can all enjoy a game and just observe. We aren’t singing Kumbaya, but we’ve found common ground. Can we relish in this moment? I am.


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7 thoughts on “World Cup and the Spirit of the Game!”

  1. I agree completely! My husband loves soccer and I generally don’t even listen when he is telling me about strategy and tactics – but I can’t help but getting sucked into the soccer mania! (Watching the game right now, I can’t believe it 😀 )


    1. LOL! That’s too funny! My boyfriend loves soccer (futbol as he calls it) so I kinda had to get a little excited for him because his team (Iran) was playing.


  2. Liz, I totally agree (and with your teams — my dad is British and my mom is from the US)! I feel the same way about the Olympics, as I do the World Cup. Athletes wearing their jerseys and fans waving their team’s flag with pride is really moving (is it bad that is kind of, sometimes, always makes me tear up??).


    1. Emma, I think we all get like that we just won’t admit it! I think national pride and identity is very undervalued or mislabeled as egotistical. We simply are proud of who we are and where our home is. There’s nothing wrong with shedding a tear! ❤ Thanks for commenting!!


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